Safety Assessment

Careful assessment provides assurance that emphasis of safety program initiatives addresses the areas with the highest impact.

Supervisor Training & Development

Emphasizing the professional development of construction supervisors improves quality, productivity, AND safety

Supervisor Accountability

Holding supervisors both responsible and accountable for safety makes them a champion of the injury-free workplace.

Management Commitment

Emphasizing managementís safety commitment enables and empowers everybody else to work injury-free.

Employee Participation

Integrating the involvement of all team members throughout the organization leverages the safety effort for maximum effectiveness.

Safety Committee

Provides the forum for workers and supervisors to work together in setting and achieving worthwhile safety goals.

Fellow, American Institute of Constructors (FAIC)

Recognized leader exhibiting professionalism through service to the construction industry.

Certified Safety Professional (CSP)

Evaluated by an independent accrediting body to assure competence and character and an ongoing accountability for professionalism and continuing professional development.

Certified Professional Constructor (CPC)

Dedicated professional in the construction industry exhibiting skill, knowledge, and integrity.